Friday, September 30, 2011

Long Time No Long Post

Yeah, so it’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated my blog. My apologies, guys. Time to inform y’all of all the fun things that have, or haven’t, happened since my last post. I don’t think I remember everything that y’all might consider the most interesting aspects of my life here, but I will do my best.

Well, I drank the 24-pack of Dr Pepper in the span of two weeks. That’s about two a day. Not really all that much when you think about how at Centenary, we have access to soda every meal in the cafeteria, and pretty much at any point during the day in almost any location on campus. I’m pretty sure I drank a lot more soda there than anywhere else, even at home, and that’s saying something. So, now, I’m without Dr Pepper again, and of course, I’m craving it like crazy. Call it an addiction, if you will.

I’ve somewhat started to curb the craving, though it’s still there the majority of the time. Every now and then I’ll grab a Coke from the Circle K at Fu Tai. Now, remember, I don’t like Coke. I really don’t. But I can bear it, at least if it’s in a glass bottle. The cool thing about the Circle K is that if you bring back the empty bottle from your last purchase, they give you $1HKD back to you, or, in other words, one dollar off your next purchase. Pretty simple if you just exchange the Coke bottle for another Coke, with a little less money.

In other food-related news, I have discovered French toast that smells exactly like funnel cake. Tasted pretty good, although of course, they had no powdered sugar. Sad face. But, like any determined, desperate college student, I went in search of this powdered sugar, and after meeting up with someone who had actually graduated from Centenary last spring, I ended up finding it. Almost the very next day, I dragged my friend to the restaurant with the French toast, and we tried it together. It was amazing, and is probably now my favorite dessert here.

As the cafeteria food is concerned, I personally think it’s mostly terrible, worse than Centenary’s food, in fact, and the other person from Centenary agrees with me. Now, I know all of you are thinking I’m only saying that because I don’t very much like Chinese food, but seriously, even their own students prefer going out to eating in the canteen (what they call the cafeteria, for those of you who are unaware). I tried their rice and chicken. The rice was bland, and I don’t like soy sauce, and they had no butter, or so they said. From what I hear from students, it’s all lies. . . . The chicken was okay, but I wasn’t really fond of picking pieces of bone out of my teeth afterward.

The only time I go to the canteen now, if I go, is in the morning for breakfast. I get toast, eggs, a hash brown, and two fried fish. The eggs taste better than those at Centenary, but they’re still too undercooked. (In the words of someone I know, the eggs at Centenary are “like sponges”.) The hash browns are usually undercooked. I prefer them to be slightly crispy. The fish are also a bit undercooked. At least, they’re gooey. But there’s ketchup, so no worries! Speaking of ketchup, I’ve discovered that restaurant ketchup over here tastes horrendous!

I FINALLY have some actual work to do, work which I actually would prefer NOT to do. They usually only require a single reading per class each week, and so, being used to the busy nature of Centenary, I’ve come to feel a bit lazy with too much time on my hands, and then I don’t want to even look at the work. It makes me appreciate Centenary’s business, to tell you the truth, after experiencing how lazy I can get when I have nothing at all to do. Granted, this “nothing to do” also stems from the fact that many people I know here are usually busy, and therefore the majority of the time, I’m stuck alone in my room.

Currently I am working in a group, preparing for a presentation that is to be done within the next two weeks. At first I was completely and utterly confused about what I should research specifically. I tried to ask questions, tried to understand, but every time I thought I got it, I was told it wasn’t right! One of the girls in our group is pretty hard for me to get along with at this point, as I feel she’s essentially taking over the entire thing. While I respect her being able to do that, I feel she doesn’t really help everyone to understand what they need to do. When you lead a project, you need to make sure everyone understands the role they’re supposed to play, and in this case, that everyone’s on the same page.

However, that negative part of our classmate relationship seems to be getting better, as we’ve pretty much argued (not angrily, mind you) and discussed what we thought about the project, the direction each part should take, and the like. We started to understand each other better, I think. I’m not saying we’re the best of buds yet, and I’m not sure we ever will be, but I won’t close my mind to the idea. The worst of enemies could become the best of friends in the end.

Overall, I really, really miss home. I miss my friends and Adam back at Centenary, my parents and the rest of my family, and Louisiana in general. I’m terribly homesick right now. However, counting down the weeks has helped. A semester abroad really isn’t all that long in the scheme of things, and when you divide the school semester into weeks, time seems to go by quicker than you thought possible. Already I think we have about ten weeks left of the school semester. The past few weeks have flown by, and I feel as though I’ve been here much longer than I have.

Okay, so that was a long post. Stay tuned for more. I have lots more to say, but this post just seemed, as previously state, long.

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  1. Great post! Hopefully we can give you some more variety when we get you down to Oz this December! I think you'll have a good time.